M7A3 Gas Grenade Simulator


TSC Sensitive. WIDS compliant; no WiFi, Bluetooth or cell phone capability
Fits most load-out pouches
103dB audible feedback
LED strobe visual feedback
Field-replaceable A23 style battery yields 100+ throws without reloading
FindMeTM alarm


SimGasGen2TM 7A3 style Gas Grenade Simulator incorporates the latest technological advancements making this new generation training device the preferred choice, meeting the stringent training requirements of today’s military, law enforcement and security professionals.

SimGasGen2 TM is Inert, provides consistent (MCU controlled) fuse and run times, offers multiple throws per training session, and reloads easily in the field with readily-available A23 style battery.

Specifically designed to withstand rigorous environments utilizing extremely durable urethane materials, provides safe, reliable and repeatable operations for indoor, outdoor, day and night training exercises to practice critical timing, repetitive memory and procedural skills where live gas grenade training would ordinarily be conducted.

The size, weight and mode of operation provides safe handling, stowing, arming and deployment for procedural training, while non-kinetic visual and audible stimulation is provided via a high-intensity LED strobe and powerful siren.

Remove pull ring and deploy. Following a 1.5 second fuse delay, the integral siren and LED strobe will activate, initially with a rapid repetition rate, then slowing to simulate gas permeating the area.

Additionally, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures were considered.  This device does not support WiFi, Bluetooth or cell phone functionality.


1.25” Pull Ring  Activates / Secures for exercises, storage and transport.
Spoon  Spring-actuated micro-switch starts / stops micro-controlled timer (fuse simulator) operations.
Mode of Operation  Releasing the Spoon activates integral MCU.  After a 1.5 second initial pause, the internal siren and LED strobe activates for 15 seconds.   FindMe TM mode provides visual and audible alerts @ 7min intervals until spoon is secured.


Power Required  Qty 1, A23 style Miniature Alkaline Battery; nominally 12V 55mAh.  Field-replaceable.
Integral PCBA Micro-controlled precise timing, over-current and reverse-polarity protection, and battery holder.
Integral Siren  Typically 103 ±5 dB(A) at 15 Vdc at 24 inches (61 cm) at 25°C.
Integral LED Strobe


Material    Molded Urethane Rubber
Weight 165gm, 0.36lb
Dimensions  58.4mm (2.3in) Dia X 152.4mm (6in) High
Color   Translucent Green body with white spoon.  Call for custom colors.
Warranty  1 year


SimGasGen2TM    M7A3SIMG2

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