Universal Charge Controller


TSC Sensitive. WIDS compliant
User-programmable Fuse and Run Timers
106dB audible feedback
LED visual feedback
Rechargeable Non-Hazardous, Non-Spillable SLA AGM battery


Universal Charge Controller Detonator Simulator incorporates the latest technological advancements making this new generation training device the preferred choice meeting the stringent training requirements of today’s military, law enforcement and security professionals.

Universal Charge Controller is inert, provides consistent (user-programmable) fuse and run times, and integral rechargeable battery is always mission ready providing multiple activations per training session.

Specifically designed to withstand rigorous environments by utilizing extremely durable PVC and urethane materials. Provides safe, reliable and repeatable operations for indoor, outdoor, day and night training exercises to practice critical timing, repetitive memory and procedural skills where live strip-charge training would ordinarily be conducted.

Size, weight and mode of operation provides safe handling, stowing, arming and deployment for training exercises, while non-kinetic visual and audible stimulation is provided via a high-intensity LED and loud siren.

Powerful magnets integrated into enclosure allows Universal Charge Controller to be positioned on metallic surfaces (doors, automotive, etc.) and a lanyard facilitates placement on non-magnetic materials.  Strategically placed grips facilitate operator handling during deployment.

Just set programmable timer for appropriate Run and Fuse times for the exercise, place Universal Charge Controller  in desired location and remove pull ring to activate.  After the programmed fuse delay, the integral siren and LED will activate for programmed run time. Replace the pull ring and Universal Charge Controller is ready to be redeployed for next exercise.

Additionally, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures were considered.  This device does not support WiFi, Bluetooth or cell phone functionality.


1.25” Pull Ring Activates / Secures for exercises, storage and transport.
Mode of Operation Removing pull ring activates timer. After user-programmed fuse time, siren and LED activates for programmed run time.


Power  Internal rechargeable 12V SLA battery utilizing AGM technology. Battery is internally fused.
Integral Digital Timer  User-programmable, ensures precise fuse and run times.
Integral Siren  Two , nominal 106 ±5 dB(A) at 15 Vdc at 24 inches (61 cm) at 25°C.
Integral LED


Enclosure Material Molded Urethane Rubber and PVC
Weight TBD gm, TBD lb
Dimensions 80.1mm (3.15in) Width & Height X 431.8mm (17in) Length
Color Light gray body, dark gray handles.
Warranty 1yr




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